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This page offers resources to research and learn about neurotechnology for various neurological conditions in the form of our exclusive neurotechnology directory. Below you will find a listing of conditions and technologies. Click on the topic below to find more detailed information on neurotechnologies applicable to that condition or technology category.

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Conditions with neurotech applications

ALS or Lou Gehrig’s diseaseMS – Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s disease & DementiaObesity & Eating Disorders
Attention Disorders (ADHD)Pain Management
Bladder or Bowel disordersParkinson’s disease
Blind or Visually ImpairedPost Traumatic Stress
Brain Injury (TBI) or ConcussionRespiratory disorders
Cerebral PalsySleep Disorders & Sleep Monitoring
Deaf and Hard of HearingSpasticity Management
Epilepsy & Seizure ManagementSpinal Cord Injury
Exercise Weak or Paralyzed MusclesStroke
Headache-Migraine & Cluster

Technology Pages

Wellness & Performance
Exoskeletons & Robotics

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