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Resouce guide of neurotech for cerebral palsy

Created for an United Cerebral Palsy Annual Conference, this guide is an introduction to cerebral palsy and neurotechnology applications. This free resource also provides information to learn more about this field of clinical technology.

Technology Listing

There are a variety of applications which are listed below by category. Prior to considering any new therapy, treatment or device, a proper evaluation should be conducted with a knowledgeable medical professional. The spectrum of cerebral palsy may range from locked-in syndrome to mild impairments and the technology listing reflects this diversity. 

There are health, medical and financial risks. Out of pocket costs and available insurance coverage for any treatment must be considered prior to starting a protocol. Also, it is key to understand that results and applications will vary depended on symptom and function limitations related to the condition. If you find something of interest, please contact the vendor directly to find a trained professional in your area. 

Support Groups & Resources