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Neurotechnology is the intersection of electronics and the human nervous system.

Explore the evolving technology impacting those with neurological conditions and beyond.

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Real Stories

Meet the people using neurotech and how it impacts their lives. Plus, get commentary about the neurotech field

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Explore community engagement in neurotech development, understand the stakeholders and help with smart design

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Browse our free directory of neurotechnologies for people living with neurological conditions with descriptions of the different types


Neurotech Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the education of and the advocacy to access neurotechnology for persons with neurological conditions and to aid in the development of next-generation neurotech devices.

Neurotech Directory

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Free Access Directory

This directory offers resources to learn about neurotechnology for various neurological conditions, plus wellness, fitness, and more.  It is our exclusive neurotechnology directory. You will find a listing of conditions and technologies. Click on the topic to find more detailed information on neurotechnologies applicable to that condition or technology category.

Community Engagement

Engagement Services

Engaging the end-user community in the development of neurotech devices is not a new concept. We wouldn’t design a smartphone, automobile, or appliance without input from the end user, would we? But we do when it comes to medical devices. If you are a developer of neurotechnology, explore our services to help get you started. If you are a member of the community, contact us to join the network.

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Real Stories

Many Faces of Neurotech

Real Stories by Real People

Meet the people behind the technology. There is no glamour or showcase. These are simply the stories of real people living with neurological conditions who have found the use of neurotechnology to impact their lives.  These posts bring the technology to life and feature how this evolving technology can change the lives of average people. Read our summaries of neurotech devices, therapies, and treatments on Medium.

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