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Ben S.

Meet Ben who is an advocate for those with lived experience. Here he shares his journey with Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation, and new data monitoring to drive treatments. Ben […]

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Brain Interfaces: The Future is Ours

In this Brain Interfaces series we covered the early technology developers, the array of use cases, surgically implanted brain interface devices, wearable technologies, and the amazing bionic pioneers. The road […]

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Brain Interface Series: What is Implanted Embodiment?

The word “embodiment” can conjure up an array of thoughts and images. For a patent, embodiment describes the use, production, expression, or practice of an invention. In the world of […]

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Brain Interfaces Series: Has the evolution only just begun?

Is it just hype or are brain interfaces here to stay? Are we at an inflection point? There has been an explosion of non-invasive modalities for the brain while at […]

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