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Ben S.

Meet Ben who is an advocate for those with lived experience. Here he shares his journey with Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation, and new data monitoring to drive treatments. Ben […]

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Tony H.

Meet the first person to receive the next generation of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease. The new technology is skull mounted reducing the surgery time and using a responsive […]

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Brain Interfaces: The Future is Ours

In this Brain Interfaces series we covered the early technology developers, the array of use cases, surgically implanted brain interface devices, wearable technologies, and the amazing bionic pioneers. The road […]

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Brain Interfaces: Who are the Pioneers

Medical technologies, more specifically, neurotechnologies cannot progress without the brave women and men who become the early users. Whether they are participants in a first-in-human clinical trial or they are […]

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Brain Interfaces: Invasion of the Non-Invasive

Wearables that turn your intentions into actions. Computers can predict our preferences directly from our brains. Pacemakers for the brain can zap away negative thoughts. These are just a few […]

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