Value of Engagement


Many Faces of Neurotech
  • Focus resources on meaningful priorities
  • Improve clinical trial experience
  • Increase trial recruitment
  • Reduce drop-out rates and protocol amendments
  • Accelerate clinical deployment
  • Improve community adoption

Sure, there are clinical trials but they only gather feasibility, safety, or effectiveness data. They typically don’t address user preferences, the risk versus benefit, and interface considerations- an oversight that can lead to costly delays or failures. That is where end-user engagement comes into play.

Many pharmaceutical companies have already figured this out. The reference below is from a model developed by the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute to demonstrate the value of engaging end-users in a phase two study:

“The cumulative impact of a patient engagement activity that avoids one protocol amendment and improves enrollment, adherence, and retention is an increase in net present value (NPV) of $62MM and an increase in ENPV of $35MM.”

Levatin, B, et al Assessing the Financial Value of Patient Engagement: A Quantitative Approach from CTTI’s Patient Groups and Clinical Trials Project, 2017

Would you like to learn a little more? This video was from a session at the NYC Neuromodulation conference conducted in partnership with The Patients’ Academy for Research Advocacy.

A study conducted by the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative found that for a small investment in community engagement, a trial sponsor launched the trial 6 months early and saved approximately $2.1 million.

– Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

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