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Deaf & Other Auditory Conditions

There are a variety of applications which are listed below. Prior to considering any new therapy, treatment or device, a proper evaluation should be conducted with a knowledgeable medical professional. There are health, medical and financial risks. Out of pocket costs and available insurance coverage for any treatment must be considered prior to starting a protocol. Finally, this is an evolving field of science and technology development this page is updated on a periodic basis. 

Also, it is key to understand that results and applications will vary depended on symptom and function limitations related to the condition. If you find something of interest, please contact the vendor directly to find a trained professional in your area.

Cochlear & Hearing Impairment Support Organizations

  • Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation – Providing information, resources, and support to persons who may be eligible for this life-changing technology, cochlear implant.

    National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders – information details about cochlear implant for people who have communication disorders.

    House Ear Institute – House Ear Institute has been engaged in the scientific exploration of the auditory system from the ear canal to the cortex of the brain for over 60 years.
  • American Tinnitus Association – ATA is the nation’s foremost and trusted organization committed to finding cures for tinnitus. They build synergies between medical professionals and researchers. They also have a national peer support network.

    FDA Cochlear – U.S. FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health Cochlear Implant information pages.

    Center for Hearing and Communication – Centers in New York and Florida providing state of the art hearing centers.

    Listening Closely – The compelling, true story of how a late deafened adult regained communication with the “hearing” world with the use of a bilateral cochlear implant.

    Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human – A scientific memoir of how the author became deaf and regained hearing back with a cochlear implant
  • Deaf Ear Scientists – HIARO is a community of scientists and clinicians with hearing loss doing research in the auditory sciences