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Kim O.

Retinal Prosthesis Bringing a baby into the world is a moment many parents relish. It is a time when your life changes with the addition of a new baby. For […]

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Laszlo N.

Diagphragm Pacing Technology On June 24, 2002, LaszLo was injured and became a C3 tetraplegic. Implanted almost one year to the date of his accident, he was the fourth recipient […]

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Michael C.

Cochlear Implant technology Dr. Michael Chorost is an internationally known author on cochlear implants and social issues raised by advances in medical technology. He was born with severe hearing losses in […]

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Real Stories of Bionic Pioneers

Meet the people behind the technology. There is no glamour or showcase. This is simply the stories of real people living with neurological conditions who have found the use of […]

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