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Applications listed by category

There are a variety of applications which are listed below by category. Prior to considering any new therapy, treatment or device, a proper evaluation should be conducted with a knowledgeable medical professional. There are health, medical and financial risks. Out of pocket costs and available insurance coverage for any treatment must be considered prior to starting a protocol. Finally, this is an evolving field of science and technology development this page is updated on a periodic basis.


Breathing Assistance

Cough Assistance

  • CoughAssist® - CoughAssistT70 from Philips Respironics. Like its predecessor, the non-invasive CoughAssist safely and effectively clears retained broncho-pulmonary secretions, reducing the risk of respiratory complications.

  • FES Center - Restoration of Cough - An investigational device in human clinical trials using implanted neurostimulation to restore cough.

Ventilator Support Organization

  • International Ventilator Users Network - International network of information sharing between ventilator users and health care professionals experienced in home mechanical ventilation. Founded in 1987.