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Founded in 2005, Neurotech Network of The Society to Increase Mobility, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focusing to improve the education of and the advocacy to access neurotechnology devices, therapies and treatments for persons with impairments.


Hundreds of thousands of people with neurological or psychiatric disorders have already been helped; such as cochlear implants to restore hearing to the deaf, neural prosthetics providing movement to the paralyzed, and spine stimulators give relief to those with chronic pain.


We participate on GuideStar, the non-profit standard for accountability.
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Through the resources we provide we serve a wide range of people impacted by neurological diseases and disorders.


- People living with Neurological Diseases and Disorders

- Family members, Friends and Companions

- Care Givers

- Physical Therapists

- Occupational Therapist

- Assistive Technology Professionals

- Clinicians & Physicians

- Advocacy Organizations for Neurological Diseases and Disorders

- Scientific Researchers

- Media Correspondents

- Educators


Nearly 100 million people in the U.S. are impacted by neurological diseases and disorders.

Our Guiding Principles


- Provide a forum for users to share experiences and for potential users to ask questions.

- Provide a channel through which the layman may learn about neurotechnology.

- Promote awareness of neurotechnology products and systems for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders and diseases.

- Provide reliable and independent information regarding both currently available and emerging neurotechnology.

- Explain to both current and potential users the applications and benefits of neurotechnology.

- Advocate for access through governmental institutions, insurance companies and legislative bodies.

- Create a better understanding of users needs to the scientific, development and industry.


Giving you our most recent Annual Reports


2014 Annual Report


2013 Annual Report


2012 Annual Report


2011 Annual Report


We participate on GuideStar, the non-profit
standard for accountability.
Take a look at our listing.

Meet our Board of Directors


Jennifer French


Injured but active, Jennifer French acquired her C6-7 incomplete spinal cord injury in 1998. She is an active user of a neural prosthetic system and is the first woman to receive the implanted Stand and Transfer system. Jen is a silver medalist in the sport of sailing a the 2012 Paralympic Games and is the 2012 Yachtswoman of the Year; the first woman with a disability to do so. French has helped launch successful divisions is such organizations as Bombardier Capital and PC Connection, Inc. Her story is publish in her book, On My Feet Again: My Journey out of the Wheelchair using Neurotechnology. With an MBA and her experiences with the disability community, she co-founded this organization and serves as the Executive Director.
View a short video of her story.


Mary Buckett


Mary Buckett is the media coordinator for the Cleveland FES Center. The mission of the Center is to develop technology that improves the quality of life of individuals with disabilities through the use of Functional Electrical Stimulation and enabling the transfer of the technology into clinical deployment. Previously Buckett provided support to the FES Information Center by reviewing medical journal articles for inclusion in the information database. Currently, Mrs. Buckett serves as the President of the FES Institute, a non-profit corporation.



James Cavuoto


James Cavuoto is the founder of Micro Publishing Press, Inc., a Torrance, CA-based publishing company that helped pioneer the market for electronic publishing, digital imaging, and computer graphics. After serving during the 1980s as a consultant to both Apple Computer and Xerox Corp. in their efforts to bring desktop publishing products to market, James launched three magazines, two newsletters, a trade paperback imprint, and several market research reports in the industry. Mirco Publishing Press' publications were sold to Cygnus Publishing in 1998. James holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University, where he studied under pioneers in the new field of functional electrical stimulation. He has studied human factors engineering at University of Southern California in Los Angeles and spent three years as a member of the technical staff at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, where he worked on simulation, training, and publication products produced for the U.S. Department of Defense. James is the author of eight books on computer graphics, electronic publishing, and digital imaging. He is a member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. He serves as the Vice President of Neurotech Network.